Rania Mroueh


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com Rania (born in 1971) is an Actress, Voice Talent, Acting Trainer, writer and Director. She holds a BA in Dramatic Arts (1993) and an MA in Acting Coaching from Lebanese University (2015) and has begun her PHD in Theater in the Lebanese University. Rania has an experience in stage acting for kids, experimental theater and Comedy plays, as well as TV acting since 1990. Her latest TV series titled “Bil Alb” written by Tarek Soueid. The list of series that she acted in is long among which are “Beirut City”, “Thawrat el Fallaheen”, “Thawani”, “Hilweh w Kizebeh”, Kiamat Elbanadek”, and “Khtarab Elhay” in addition to Sitcoms and students graduation films. She performed on stage in plays such as “Woslit La 99” (a re-do of one of Shoushou’s plays), “Kilna Takla” about st. Takla, and the play-winner of the best performance in Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theater 1992, “Al Jayb Al Serri”. Since 2000, she has been teaching theater in schools and leading workshops for children, teenagers and adults since 2015, such as the drama club at the Beirut Arab University and child drama workshop at the sunflower theatre with Khayal association. Rania is a theatre facilitator, Playkit trainer, and Video Making Trainer with Seenaryo. She has directed several plays for child and women theater such as “Ghazl al banat” (Jan. 2020). She started working as a voice talent since 1993 and still, where she records voice over projects such as e-learning programs, podcasts, she also works on cartoon specialized dubbing, and over all kinds of programs and series. She has also studied music and singing in the National Conservatory (1990-1993), and participated in several Lebanese choirs like Nabih Alkhateeb’s choir for traditional cultural songs “mowashahat”.

Additional information

Gender Female
Date of Birth 1971-01-01
Skin Tone White
Height in cm 155
Weight in kg 56
LandLine Phone
Mobile Phone 03/041453
Email raniamroueh@live.com