Decision No. 6098


The Minister of National Economy and Social Affairs,

By virtue of the decree No. 12596 on 26/7/1948,

By virtue of the Article 88 of the Labor Law issued on September 23, 1946, and

By virtue of the suggestion of the Director of National Economy and the approval of the General Director, decides the following:


Article 1 – A license is granted to the following persons:

  • Takla Daher Chamoun
  • Youssef Hosni Ahmad Karanouh
  • Mohammad Rachid Farqadan, and
  • Zein Alabidin Mohammad Sidani


To establish a syndicate to be known as the Syndicate of Theater and Cinema Actors in Lebanon, which purpose is to preserve the interests of its members, defend them while enhancing the level of the profession, and improve their financial, social, and moral situation.   


Article 2 – This decision shall be effective as soon as it is published in the Official Gazette and shall be reported where appropriate.


Beirut on September 10, 1948

Minister of National Economy and Social Affairs

Signature: Philippe Takla